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7371Is the oil dependence problem on the radar?

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  • Joe
    Jun 4, 2004
      In a recent email from John Kerry's campaign there was a short interview
      with Rand Beers. It was mostly about fighting terrorism, but his last
      line was:

      "Finally, we need to become energy independent, so our foreign policy
      isn't distorted by our dependence on Middle East oil."

      Politicians do talk a lot and this wasn t even Kerry speaking, but I
      was encouraged to read it anyway. I didn t post the article because I
      thought it had little relevance to this group and wasn t sure if
      campaign email would be acceptable to post.

      My question to the group is how aware are people of the oil dependence
      problem? For myself as little as 18 months ago id say I was 0% aware.
      Now that I bike commute, belong to this and other forums, have read some
      books on New Urbanism I read about it everyday. There are some articles
      in the main stream press, the national geographic mentioned here in
      another post. I still feel like most of the country really doesn t get
      it. What does everyone else think?

      Have a Great Weekend,



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