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  • J.H. Crawford
    Jun 7, 2000
      Hi All,

      Some housekeeping points, if I may:

      The tone and content of the discussion have been good, and I have
      not had to intervene in any list problems so far.

      However, traffic on the list has risen to the point where I'm having
      trouble coping with it myself. So:

      Please limit your posts to one a day (two in a pinch!).
      Please try to hack out as much deadwood in the post to which you are
      replying as possible--leave only the parts relevant to your response.
      Please, no "right on, brother/sister!" messages. If necessary, please make
      these responses off-list (i.e., directly to the person involved).

      TJ Binkley and Doug Salzmann have agreed to become moderators of the group,
      to help with the smooth flow of things. Welcome and thanks!

      We'll be moving on to concrete action we can take to bring
      carfree streets to a city near you as quickly as possible.
      The actions now under consideration are:

      Carfree Cities conference (hopefully aboard a train in Europe)
      Promotional slide show
      3-D Internet walk-throughs
      Better simulation and modelling
      Construction of a larger maquette
      Correspondents for Carfree Times
      Building and maintaining the best carfree link site on the internet
      Fundraising/organization building

      Please consider which areas might interest you for direct
      involvement and action (that means actual work!).

      Finally, there are serious distribution problems with the book.
      I'm working to correct this as quickly as possible. In particular,
      I'm trying to coordinate with a great independent bookstore in
      Berkeley to do rapid fulfillment of Internet orders. More on these
      items soon. Meanwhile, please report to me at postmaster@...
      any problems you have trying to obtain the book.

      Thanks & regards,


      J.H. Crawford _Carfree Cities_
      postmaster@... http://www.carfree.com
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