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73Re: [carfree_cities] Ranking US cities

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  • eyrehead
    Apr 11, 2000
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      > In Montreal on our Duex-Montangne EMU(Electric Multiple Unit) commuter line,
      > a ten car(5 married pairs) train can handle 900(seated) to 1200(standing
      > room) people with a crew of two. Rolling stock information can be found at
      > the following URL http://www.transportation.bombardier.com/htmen/A2H.htm.
      > Hey I rode them today. During off peak periods trains can be 4,6 or 8 cars
      > long.
      > Montreal commuter trains work on the honour system and time to time fare
      > inspectors come around. A friend of mine calls the inspectors "POP
      > COPs",(POP being for "Proof of Payment").
      > For a map of the line look at http://www.amt.qc.ca/tc/train/plan.asp. I live
      > near the Bois-Franc station and can see the pantographs from my kitchen
      > window. The two other commuter lines use Diesel-Electric trains.

      Like it or not, biometrics are here to stay, and your trolley fare may be linked to the times
      you get your irises or fingerprints scanned on your way aboard.

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