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  • emperor@ansempire.net
    May 10 7:45 AM
      bumpkinbubba wrote:

      > You might want to sign the guestbook at www.FreeAmerican.com and
      > explain there what ANSE stands for, because you've sure got me
      > curious! I'll remember to take a peek there. In the meantime, I'm
      > ignoring anti-Triad racist _Jym_'s ad-hominem assumption of what ANSE
      > stands for.

      Aryan National Socialist Empire http://ansempire.net

      Hope that satisfies your curiosity.

      > Reminds me of the way that _I_ used to pipe dream. Do you think
      > you'll have the necessary _boat_ built by the time you're an old
      > geezer?

      Nothing is garunteed, but I don't expect we will build a boat. We will
      either charter one or purchase one.

      > I think your best bet would be to have these plots secede from the
      > U.S. and declare them to be part of the u.S., rather. (Small-case
      > "u.") This gives you the sovereignty that you want without all the
      > hassle and expense of building an island.

      Not a very smart move to attempt to secede form the US. Unless, of course,
      you have a death wish.

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