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  • ktsourl
    Apr 8, 2004
      Indeed static sources offer the possibility for less pollution, even
      taking into consideration the energy losses from energy transfer and
      energy form conversion - but unfortunately this doesn't happen always
      (and CO2 sequestration is just "talk" for the moment). Even better
      they offer also the possibility to use energy from renewable sources
      (solar towers, wind turbines, waves, geothermal etc) - unfortunately
      still in very few cases. This is the good scenario.

      But the location shift of the dirty phase of energy consumption
      creates also the opportunity to use profitably other less noble and
      more polluting energy sources, like coal, lignite etc which could be
      never effectively used on moving sources. In addition, environmental
      standards can much more easily be lowered if pollution sources are
      less annoying (at least directly) to the users (the majority of the
      world population lives already in urban settlements according to UN

      Which of the two scenarios do you think is more probable to happen
      most of the times in a "free market economy"?

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "J.H. Crawford" <mailbox@c...>
      > Sorry, everybody, this somehow went before I actually
      > wrote what I wanted to say.
      > > >The Mayor did exempt "clean" cars on the PowerShift register.
      > > >(Electric, hybrid, gas etc).
      > >
      > >The term "clean" car (even quoted) is misleading. Electric cars
      > >pollute, since almost the totality of electric power is produced by
      > >fuels or (even worse perhaps) by nuclear power - they just shift
      the place
      > >of pollution out of the city. Of course this is somehow better
      > >conventional cars, but far from ideal.
      > There is a point here that shouldn't get lost, and that's that
      > it is possible to clean emissions from static sources much more
      > easily and effectively than from mobile sources. Thus, a shift
      > to battery cars could result in cleaner air, at least for a given
      > number of vehicle miles. There's even talk of CO2 sequestration
      > from power plants, which seems clearly impossible from mobile
      > sources.
      > Regards,
      > -- ###
      > J.H. Crawford Carfree
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