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7121Re: The New Colonist / philosophies of urbanism

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  • Christopher Miller
    Apr 1, 2004
      On 31-Mar-04, at 11:39 PM, Richard Risemberg wrote:

      > The April issue of The New Colonist is online and available now at
      > http://www.newcolonist.com!
      > This month's features:
      > (...) * A House for Every Lot, a Store for Every Corner
      > Eric Miller posits an efficient city and how it might look and
      > work in the United States....

      Reading this article equating efficiency with private ownership
      reminded me of a website I came across a while ago, which proposes a
      grand scheme called Victory Cities (TM) that WILL cure all the ills
      that our current ("obsolete") cities suffer from. The inventor of this
      scheme proposes to pack some 300 000 or more people into single 102
      storey cement+steel+glass-skinned buildings with a choice of a few
      different floor plans for already furnished (!) apartments, kitchenless
      all of them because everyone will eat in vast central cafeterias. The
      inventor of the idea is rather naively certain that since these cities
      will be privately owned by a corporation, all the messiness of
      non-privately owned cities will disappear.

      I find this vision (a new, corporate-owned Ville Radieuse) repulsive --
      but I leave it to others to draw their own conclusions.

      Here is the link:


      Something that I find more encouraging is the website for Ecopolis, an
      Australian architecture firm that works with a philosophy based on
      environmental sustainability and human-scale architecture. Their
      website is an interesting read and has numerous examples of their
      projects, and they even have carfree.com in their links page:


      Chris Miller
      Washington DC, USA
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