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7117Heritage Conservation and Car free cities...

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    Apr 1 5:57 AM
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      hi, im doing a conservation action plan in my country,
      it's already at its final draft phase. i just want to
      know wether any of our car free members here have done
      such study or experience in their respective field

      traffic is generate from landuse and building
      use/activites. if tehre is total separation between
      traffic and places in town, i think we need to have a
      real support from the existence of real community and
      an integrated transit system. but still we have to
      give rooms for traffic. even in heritage conservation,
      maybe we have to rechanelled the traffic system, but
      we still let them flow in a another area. but we never
      stop them totally. traffic give great effect to
      heritage conservation. but we need really 'alive'
      community in town to make it possible.

      what i see is that, only certain places can the adopt
      the car free theories but some are not practical.
      depends on how organic the town grows.

      all these 2 years i've been reading..and this is my
      first post, by the way im from Malaysia and would like
      to share opinion and experiencee with every respectful
      individuals here. thank you.

      - Shahzarimin Salim
      Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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