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710Thanks, and goodbye for now

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  • Timothy.Cooper@cec.eu.int
    Jun 6, 2000
      I have greatly enjoyed taking part in the lively and informative discussions of the carfree cities egroup, and wish to thank all contributors. However, it has been taking up too much of my time, and I have reluctantly decided to unsubscribe. I hope to spend more time promoting cycling, walking and public transport in the areas where I live and work. I would urge you all to continue discussing these important issues, but also to apply them in your own lives by eliminating or reducing your use of cars. This affects your decisions about where to live and work, how to travel, etc. I would also urge you to join or form local pressure groups to campaign for improved facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users. Small-scale local improvements will pave the way for the giant leap forward which we all eagerly await.

      Should anyone wish to contact me in connection with my contributions to this discussion, please contact me offlist at Timothy.Cooper@....

      Timothy Cooper
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