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70Re: [carfree_cities] Ranking US cities

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  • eyrehead
    Apr 11 5:22 PM
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      > People won't switch from cars to buses, but they will
      > switch from cars to electrically-powered rail systems.
      > "Nobody with a choice ever took a bus anywhere."

      I think the image of public transportation as a losers' way is a result of auto
      company PR. You say city bus to someone and they conjure up images of having some
      creep walk through an empty bus to sit beside him and then throw up on the floor.
      Buses could be classic pay your fare and get on or subscription that could be a lot
      more luxurious and take scenic routes.

      Jumping now to another topic under the same subject -- the switching as an
      electrical trolley bus comes to a fork in the road and chooses one road. In
      plants for years, there has been an overhead mimic of the railroad switching
      system. For the point of switching the cable could be rigid and radio switched,
      so the cable would follow one route or the other.

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