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6849Re: Minimum Size of Carfree Districts?

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  • paulparma
    Jan 31, 2004
      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "J.H. Crawford" <mailbox@c...>
      > It's an interesting and difficult question to answer.
      > The first
      > question has to be, how do people earn their living?

      Seems like this will be a ubiquitous problem in retrofitting within
      existing cities. Working this out in cookbook form could prove
      profitable later.

      So in a case by case hypothetical answer to that question - how do
      people earn their living [there]? - what are the ramifications to
      each answer? Understand that doing so is time consuming.....

      Which begs another question; How many folks out there are commiting
      themselves to getting carfree blocks, districts or cities
      built. 'Not just interested in it but commited to it!?? Just
      curious... Obviously Joel is.

      Paul Parma
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