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  • paulparma
    Jan 31, 2004
      A few points that I think are important regarding these new photos

      Good photos are important to our cause. J. H. has a talent I think,
      and good equipment, but its more important than just to salesmanship.
      How we react to a visual setting (which may or may not include
      people) along with, pardon me, the whole picture, audio, smells,
      wind, rain, temp, sun.... is a big part of what will attract many
      people to carfree areas in the US; and why people pay so dearly to
      live in San Fransico or NYC, and why Disney World is not a drive
      through park, yet people fly to the oterwise most uniteresting region
      of Florida.

      although what Nikos A. Salingaros has done so far is interesting and
      possible necessary, has anyone considered using congitive models to
      describe how we relate to a carfree city environment vs a car
      saturated one? is any grad student interested?

      A while back J.H. asked the group why might some of his then new
      pictures of southern Europe seemed to not compress as well as
      others. I thought he was leading us on, since given his web
      development experience he probably knows that greater the spread of
      spatial variations in a picture, luminesance or hue or color over
      frequency the greater the data size per pixel. It got me to
      thinking as to how our brain reacts to an alley in Siena vs a major
      Blvd in LA.

      Well from a top down view, i can say that you would have to specify
      which alley in Siena, and maybe what time, whatwas the weather like,
      etc. But i don;t have to specify which blvd in LA, hell, I dont even
      haveto specify LA, any blvd in te US developed after 1950 will be te
      same experience, only need to specify what is playing on my stereo.
      Weather in the US is not that important when lived in a car and at

      I only spent a month in Dursoduro, Venice but i ts all it took for me
      to recognize every #$%&# one the new dursoduro picts, except a cople
      hat I suspect are from anoteher sestere. Each spot is unique in this
      world, maybe the universe.

      Happens all the time. I'll be looking at some newly discovered photo
      book of Venice and I'll discover, I know that little spot. It
      probably happens yto you regarding central Paris, London, etc..

      I'll stop here except to say thanks to J.H. fr posting these new
      picts, and agan to say in my opinion, his are the best photos I've
      seen for their purpose, and I presume are all taken from a standing
      position and not on a boom, etc.. And now we know why its called
      Parma yellow. And the world needs more pictures of medievial Siena
      away from the famous main piazza, thanks for including them, I'd been
      thanking of enquiring when J.H. would visit Siena for more pictures,
      not knowing he had some we hadn't seen.

      And again is anyone interested in taking leadership in analyzing
      reactions of cognitive models to different urban environments? Has
      it been addressed to some extent to date?

      Paul Parma
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