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6767Carfree Bam, Iran?

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  • CEB
    Jan 9, 2004
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      The centre of Bam was probably carfree but I am not sure about the rest of it. In any case there is going to be significant rebuilding and probably much redesign....the town is on a major highway and I think fuel is cheap in Iran. So things could go several ways.....clearly a major point to make is that a possible restoration of the largest mudbrick building in the world does not make sense if surrounded by parking lots.

      IF anyone is interested in helping it go more of carfree way let me know. I have done some research on Iranian environmental groups and have a contact at the UNDP. But before I contact the Iranians or UNDP I would like to assemble some kind of group of people who are at least interested in some ongoing work on this idea.

      I have little info on the previous transport situation in and around Bam, the general state of buses and trains, etc. in Iran, and car free areas in the country.

      Let me know if you can help or have any info.

      Todd Edelman
      Project manager, Prague Central Greenway
      Cycling and Energy Futures

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