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6762A bad dream

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  • Jeremy Hubble
    Jan 7, 2004
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      I jus stumbled on to this site.
      One of the links has a pdf 'railing on rail' transit as an ineffecient
      transit solution. (What really got me was 'transit should still be
      used as an alternative for people who can't drive') Pretty much the
      typical argument the typical limited use of facts to argue points. (It
      argues that even a busy subway system like New York only carries less
      than a freeway lane. (what time period? What vehicles on a freeway?
      oh, and peak periods, you mean everyone wants to travel at once? And
      of course to make it accurate, the freeway would have to go right from
      their house to their office, where a parking spot would be waiting.)

      However, turning to auto transit, they argue in favor of implementing
      tolls and congestion pricing to reduce freeway congestion.

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