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6738Re: Living with Driving

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  • mtneuman@juno.com
    Jan 1, 2004
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      > Positive, but changeable. Do you think that people are going to
      > drive the
      > same amount, and consume the same amount of gas (legally) at
      > $15/gallon?
      > These external costs would change when the amount of gas consumed is
      > change.
      > Would you then change the gas tax to reflect these lower external
      > costs?
      > Adjust yearly?

      People would not drive as much if the price of gasoline were increased
      significantly. But we need to reduce the amount of fossil fuel burning
      to the minimum amount possible. This is because greenhouse gases from
      oil, coal and natural gas hang in the atmosphere for upwards of 120

      The effects of accumulating greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are
      cumulative. Over time, the impacts from more and more fossil fuel
      burning throughout the world will continue to worsen; extreme weather
      events fed by global warming become more common. It might be necessary
      to raise the price of fuel even more to account for the worsening
      marginal costs of global warming.


      Mike Neuman

      "Global warming is unpleasant news. The costs of doing something
      substantial to arrest it are daunting, but the consequences of not doing
      anything are staggering."

      - Jerry Mahlman, senior atmospheric research scientist

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