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657Re: [carfree_cities] bike to work

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  • Martha Torell
    Jun 4, 2000
      > Ditto. Postings (and offlist messages) by both you and Wade Eide have
      > opened my eyes to the dangers of bike lanes. And on many streets,
      > riding in traffic lanes when there's insufficient space alongside them
      > (with proper precautions), forcing motorists to slow down and change
      > lanes or wait until you have space to yield safely, is definitely
      > safer than getting passed at high speeds while you're inches away from
      > a parked car or a curb.

      What is meant by bike lane in this context? Is it part of the road used
      by autos that is reserved to bike use?

      Is there a maximum speed limit above which it is not wise to bike with

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