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6554Re: carefree quality of life in nyc

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  • sow_thistle
    Dec 4, 2003
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      Bijan Soleymani <bijan@p...> wrote:
      > barry goldman <sow_thistle@y...> writes:
      > > guys, i still want to know what you think about people
      > > flocking to streetside outdoor cafe's on places like
      > > upper west side broadway. If having a highway full of
      > > cars and noisy smelly buses 10 feet from your dining
      > > expereience is so bad for quality of life, why do
      > > people flock to them?

      > people will make do with the way things are. It's better to dine in
      a noisy place than not to dine at all.

      But people HAVE A CHOICE to dine on the sidewalk cafe at night or
      inside the restaurant. I personally always choose inside the
      restaurant in most new york city streets, who wants to have dinner on
      a highway? i discussed this with the headwaiter at an indian
      restaruant i frequent, why they don't have sidewalk dining like all
      the other POSH places and he said, "eating should be a healing
      process, eating on the newyork city street, is not a healing process,
      hell, you get soot in your food!"

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