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653Re: [carfree_cities] Car Free Zones Within Cities

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  • Andrew Preble
    Jun 3, 2000
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      NOLA does seem to have a constant problem with the economy and the streetcars have
      done wonderful things for it. Also the many museums that have recently opened up
      or are opening like the national D-Day museum and the Aquarium of the Americas that
      has been the major force behind the Woldenburg River front Park which is directly
      in front of the Aquarium with the river front streetcar line running thought it.

      "J.H. Crawford" wrote:

      > It sounds like a good plan, and NOLA can use all the tourism it can get (I
      > believe the local economy is chronically ill). There's nothing like carfree areas
      > to draw
      > people to them (ask any shopping mall operator!). Venice gets more than twice as
      > many tourists as any other Italian city. It's the only place that isn't overrun
      > by cars. It's good business as well as sound environmentalism.
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