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6526Re: [carfree_cities] Oh, crap!

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  • Chris Loyd
    Dec 1, 2003
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      > Uh-oh, it looks like somebody drank the Libertarian Kool-Aid. That said,
      > HOV lanes are in most of the U.S., mostly useless. Let them convert them
      > regular lanes and watch how little things improve. Of course, the real
      > solution to the fiscal crisis would be to convert those lanes to HOT (High
      > Occupancy Toll), which at least would pull in revenue.

      How can a political party that had a 0.37% election share for the 2000
      presidential race be seen as such a threat? The Greens are 10 times more
      numerous/powerful than the Libertarians are. Also, how are freeways in
      anyway supported by the Libertarian philosophy? They were built under the
      guise of National Defense (huh?), violated property rights up the wazoo, and
      was a massive subsidy for the auto industry. Most aren't privatized in any
      way, shape or form, and most toll roads are about as competitive as the
      Municipal Power & Gas Utility. Finally, what would you think if the entire
      transportation system's government funding suddenly stopped, for all roads,
      buses, trains, planes, etc? No subsidies for any transit, no matter how
      effecient or desirable (and the taxes reduced accordingly, of course, but
      more likely the savings would go to War, er, Defense Department).

      > The Texas Transportation Institute's recent report puts public
      > transportation ivestment benefits way ahead of those in HOV lanes. Check
      > out mobility.tamu.edu for more.

      Lotsa stuff, the first analysis of traffic signals on entrance ramps that I
      have seen. Those are usually as good as people are willing to actually obey
      the red light.

      > "The next piece of the solution (to the state's "transportation
      > crisis") is to redistribute transportation revenues away from costly
      > programs to pay for more freeway lanes in the most congested areas . . .
      > must convert the High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes (HOV) to free flow lanes, so
      > that all the taxpayers who paid for those lanes and are now sitting in
      > traffic jams can use them."

      Is the California government trying to make life miserable for Californians,
      or do they want to find a way to keep people from moving there and driving
      up land values?

      Just how many HOV lanes are there on a given freeway in California??
      Opening up the HOV lanes in Houston would gain a whole lane for only one
      direction of traffic, not counting the diamond lanes. The diamond lanes are
      frequently used as passing lanes anyway.
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