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651Re: [carfree_cities] bike to work

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  • Todd J. Binkley
    Jun 3, 2000
      Timothy Cooper,

      When speaking of safe cycling technique, I often describe it in a
      sort of shorthand way, in saying that it's "cycling according to the
      rules of the road". You are quite right in pointing out that safe
      cycling is more than just that. Thanks for taking the time to give a
      more complete description. I'm sure that it will be appreciated by
      both the cyclists and the non-cyclists on this list.


      Wade Eide

      Ditto.  Postings (and offlist messages) by both you and Wade Eide have opened my eyes to the dangers of bike lanes.  And on many streets, riding in traffic lanes when there's insufficient space alongside them (with proper precautions), forcing motorists to slow down and change lanes or wait until you have space to yield safely, is definitely safer than getting passed at high speeds while you're inches away from a parked car or a curb.



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