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6420Zurich City Design

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  • Chris Loyd
    Nov 9, 2003
      Slide 1: OK
      2: OK
      3: OK
      4: OK - good stair detailing; you may want to re-take
      the picture, with the stair in light
      5: OK - what's that with polygon building in the
      6: Off-centered; what were you trying to photograph?
      7: OK
      8: OK
      9: OK
      10: OK - too bad that Zurich officials couldn't have
      commissioned a more tasteful "ganzer platz" sign
      11: OK
      12: OK - good job showing the slope, with the steps
      13: OK
      14: OK - 2nd time I've seen a "Perosa" sign.
      15: OK
      16: Could you edit out the woman on the right? I
      think her head was turning right when the camera took
      the picture - her face looks smeared and/or in bad
      17: OK - lovely, except for the graffiti
      18: OK
      19: Retake; it looks like you were photographing the
      couple's backs. It also appears that your shadow made
      it into the picture.
      20: OK
      21: OK - the graffiti really stands out in this place
      22: OK
      23: OK
      24: OK - Oooooooh
      25: OK
      26: OK - provided that you photographed that car for a
      reason, otherwise it looks like an ad for whatever-
      27: OK

      Overall: 24/27 OK. It would be neat if you could show
      where in the city this place was. Maybe a reference
      map at the bottom of the screen, below the main text.