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6416Re: Car-free cities and jobs

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  • Bijan Soleymani
    Nov 7, 2003
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      "Mike Neuman" <mtneuman@...> writes:

      > 15,000 Parishaners died in August from the record setting heat-wave
      > that reportedly took the lives of over 35,000 Europeans last summer.
      > Unless Paris invests heavily in air conditioning (and supplying the
      > electricity for it), I wouldn't advise anyone over 60 moving there
      > any time soon. Thanks to the U.S. and other heavy fossil fuel
      > burning countries of the world, the possibility of more of these
      > tragedies happening in the world will grow with each passing year,
      > especially in cities vulnerable to "heat island" effects.

      I realize that the world is probably getting warmer, but I've been to
      Paris twice (both times in the summer) and have to say that the
      weather was much better (cooler) than the weather where I live. And
      that happens to be Montreal, Canada :) Maybe it's less humid...

      Bijan Soleymani <bijan@...>
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