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6412Re: Car-free cities and jobs

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  • mauk_mcamuk
    Nov 7, 2003
      > Not necessarily so. I found two locations in the Netherlands, one
      > of the most densely populated nations in the world, where the
      > Reference Design could be built without significant alteration.
      > It's true that in mountainous regions the good spaces may be
      > mostly taken, but anywhere we're building suburbs today is a
      > potential spot for a carfree city. The spaces don't need to be huge
      > in order to support a large population.

      Hrrrrrm... Would it be possible to pitch a "carfree city" as a
      planned urban development, or essentially a large suburb? In other
      words, have the large industrial areas contain MAJOR parking areas at
      first, and essentially let the first few developments grow using a
      nearby city as the economic base. After you get a few neighborhoods
      established, with a little luck, it would become self-sustaining.

      > >2) Building a city from scratch requires a formidable pile of
      > So does any other development project; billion-dollar projects are
      > now routine. The banks have the money; what's required is a
      > who believes in the idea and can convince a bank to fund it. This is
      > well within the realm of possibility.

      Have you done any work on how much capital it would take? more
      importantly, how would you pay that capital back? Taxes on
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