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6406Re: Car-free cities and jobs

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  • mauk_mcamuk
    Nov 6, 2003
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      I concur, and think a purpose-built city designed from the
      foundations up with the newest advances combined with the wisdom of
      the centuries would be a fabulous place to live.

      There are two large entry barriers to this, unfortunately.

      1) Most of the best places to live already have cities on them.

      2) Building a city from scratch requires a formidable pile of capital.

      While the carfree city website is beautiful, and is simply chockful
      of excellent ideas, I didn't see much there that addresses either of
      those two entry barriers, except for that plan to "carfree" the city
      of Lyon (i think it was Lyon....).

      As a note, another site I find interesting is:


      While that site is breathtakingly evocative of the 50's, it is an
      interesting look at a true arcology. I could see structures like
      this being integrated into a larger carfree plan quite easily.

      > dearleb said:
      > >Attracting employment to such a place is another question - most
      > >likely hefty incentives would be needed for some time to encourage
      > >employers and start-up enterprises to such an environment.
      > I don't think subsides will be needed. Modern economies are
      > based and succeed by attracting highly skilled people in very short
      > supply. One of the ways to do this is to offer them a very pleasant
      > living environment. I think, therefore, that knowledge-based
      > would be eager to locate in a good carfree enivronment.
      > Regards,
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