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6389Pittsburgh Pilgrimage (was: New Issue of New Colonist)

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  • Jym Dyer
    Oct 30, 2003
      > *Pittsburgh Pilgrimage, by Eric Miller


      =v= An interesting comparison of my hometown with my adopted
      hometown (neither of which I'm currently living in). Here
      are a few carfree thoughts of my own.

      =v= As the editorial points out, the transit in San Francisco
      is better than the transit in Pittsburgh, but much depends on
      which part of Pittsburgh one's living in. The south side/hills
      gets every new gadget imaginable, from subways to monorails to
      Maglevs to transporter beams, whereas folks in the north
      side/hills get to ride a bus. We're always told how innovative
      and successful Pittsburgh's busways are, but it's still a bus.
      (And most busways are in the southern half of the city!)

      =v= Pittsburgh has a very nice and rapidly-expanding bike path
      network, though. This year I found I could actually ride from
      my family home in the north boros to the cultural centers of
      Pittsburgh on my bike much faster than on the bus. If you're
      a biker in Pittsburgh, you'd better like hills. (Being from
      Pittsburgh, I contend that San Francisco doesn't really have
      hills. None worth mentioning, at least.)

      =v= Yes, the 1980s big hair is still around, and the radio
      stations haven't changed since the 1970s (except to add the
      word "classic" to "rock"). You can get around this by hanging
      out with the biker crowd for better, helmet-friendly hairstyles
      and tuning in the college stations. :^)