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6376Re: Plateau Mont-Royal

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  • Bijan Soleymani
    Oct 26, 2003
      "powerwalker" <exqmtl@...> writes:

      >> What I don't recall from my time in Montreal is how windy it is in
      >> the depths of the winter. I seem to recall that temperatures of
      >> -20 C are common and that it gets even colder. If it's windy, then
      >> walking 10 minutes or more outdoors can really be a problem.
      > Yes, it often windy, sometimes the temperature gets to -20 or colder, but
      > the occurence have been more scarce in the past few years. 10 minutes is my
      > walk for home to train, but I know not everyone is willing to do this in bad
      > weather. So we still have the tram/bus solution for these cases, with heated
      > shelters?

      No matter how bad the weather gets in montreal I can testify from
      personal experience (walking around) that it is technically possible
      to walk about 30-40 minutes =~ 3kms. Now I don't expect everyone to do
      something like this, but that's what is possible.

      On a side note. I don't know many people who own dogs, but I think
      they walk them year-round regardless of the weather (or at least they
      do if they care about their dog).

      Bijan Soleymani <bijan@...>
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