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6374Re: Car-free cities and jobs

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  • Bijan Soleymani
    Oct 26, 2003
      "amqx" <amqx@...> writes:

      > Let me start by saying that I strongly support the idea of car-free
      > cities. It fits perfectly with my philosophy that society is based on
      > human interaction.
      > However, I was discussing it with a friend of mine, and he brought up
      > an interesting issue. Eliminating cars would leave countless people
      > unemployed. Would car-free cities create any new jobs that could
      > replace them, such as train and bus building?

      This all depends on whether going carfree is a moral or a practical
      decision. I don't think there is any industry so important that we
      should throw our ethics out the window just to satisfy them.

      Some examples:
      World peace is a good thing (I think), but it would hurt all the
      companies that make weapons and also many companies that get defense
      subsidies. What about all their employees...

      If people stopped smoking that would be a good thing (again IMHO), but
      it would hurt the huge tobacco industry. What about their employees...

      And so on...

      I would also like to add that in a society without cars people
      wouldn't need to afford cars. So figure that if an average family has
      two cars right now, that's about $10000 a year (more if you consider
      all the indirect costs). Well if people saved that much money a year
      they could probably afford to have a job that paid less. I mean there
      are always other jobs. The real question is not "are we ready to have
      all these auto industry workers lose their jobs", but "are we ready to
      have all these people take pay-cuts".

      And again all this is assuming that society goes carfree
      tomorrow. However it'll probably take a very long time. And the whole
      process will be gradual.

      Bijan Soleymani <bijan@...>
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