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6348Re: Car-free cities and jobs

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  • look384
    Oct 12, 2003
      Before answering your question about if carfree cities will create
      jobs, first consider an important distinction between our current
      cities and carfree cities. Carfree cities are not merely current
      cities without cars, they are cities built to function without cars.
      As such, that means rebuilding our cities, and to a certain extent
      rebuilding them in ways which are vastly different from our current
      design and building techniques. New job and possibly industries will
      be spawned to support this construction. As you point out, expect
      new jobs to provide the rail systems or whatever mass transit is
      instituted, as well as service jobs for delivery, etc.

      As a minimum, there's got to be some new industry to figure out how
      to recycle all the road materiel recovered from parking lots and
      excess roads & lanes.

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