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618Re: [carfree_cities] Re-worked automobile city

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Jun 1, 2000
      Doug said:

      >In view of the magnitude of an entire New City project, it seems likely
      >that the first real world applications will be for carfree districts
      >adjacent to existing city cores, linked via existing trams, metro, whatever.
      >Blighted areas and abandoned industrial zones are plentiful (happily, often
      >on waterfronts), and we're talking about the ultimate turnaround for

      That's certainly how I see it.

      The Toronto site is fabulous. I'll have to post a sketch of it
      when I get back to Amsterdam. It's a roughly diamond-shaped area
      about 4 km east-west and 2 km north-south (measured, that is, from
      the extremities). It's right on the waterfront (it's mostly old
      wharf areas and so forth), with direct water access. It abuts downtown
      Toronto, and the connection by tram is easy to do. There is the
      one minor problem of a major elevated freeway that runs along the north
      edge of the area. There's already some talk of tearing at least
      part of it down, and I suppose we could live with it if need be.
      Otherwise a perfect site.

      >Given such a (relatively) modest goal, the initial project(s) might not be
      >so very far in the future. It is already possible, even here in the Wild
      >West, to find developers familiar and comfortable with various flavors of
      >New Urbanism, Transit Oriented Development, Pedestrian Pockets, etc.
      >Carfree districts won't be an impossible imaginative stretch for a few of
      >them. As for the bankers, regulators and all the zillions of others we'll
      >need to bring on board, well, challenges are character building.

      Hey, if the gas prices continue to skyrocket, we'll have
      an easy sell. People will be screaming, "what do we do, what do we do??"
      The answer is obvious.

      >And, of course, we will sound saner with each new record for oil and gas

      >We just need to keep spreading the word.

      More on this point soon--we've got work to do.


      J.H. Crawford _Carfree Cities_
      postmaster@... http://www.carfree.com
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