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6114RE: [carfree_cities] dud carfree day in Montreal

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  • Louis-Luc
    Aug 28, 2003
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      I read the article, that clearly shows we're stuck
      here with crappy governments at city and provincial
      levels. I was hoping the new provincial would do better
      than the old, but I'm sad it's the contrary.

      At the beginning of the summer, the Transit Authority even threatened to
      close our metro on week-ends. And
      for suburban trains, they opened a new train station
      at Vaudreuil. You think it's a good news? I'm not so
      sure, because the closest home from the station is
      20 minutes away! And for cyclists it's still a harsh 10
      minutes, and that's from the *closest* home. The
      train station is way in the field, where not even the best striker can make
      a homerun :-( But there's plenty
      of room for (you guessed it) those damn cars again :-(
      to park around the station.

      I hope the nature will take its revenge with a huge
      natural disaster that would tear down all those roads
      enough to make cars unusable, but not enough to prevent
      mountain biking and walking. I think that'd be a good
      experience to live for Quebec citizens, if homes are
      not damaged too much. We'd rediscover our walking
      legacy while governements will be stuck down the wall
      and be forced to think to rebuild infrastructure with
      people in mind,and not cars.

      Meanwhile I enjoy our rail and underground legacy each
      day, because I really find some surface streets are
      unpleasent, and maybe I'll pop out during the symbolic
      forced CarFree day on Sept. 22 if I need to go out
      between 10AM and 4PM. Usually I'm in from 9 to 5, so
      I'm sad commuters won't get a break from cars, not even
      on car-free day.

      The positive thought is that's better than nothing, and
      maybe next year it'll be easier to make a full blown
      carfree day.


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      > Here's a columnist's commentary in today's Montreal Gazette about
      > Montreal's
      > superficial efforts to join in worldwide Car-Free Day this Sept. 22:
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