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6054RE: Bike-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

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  • Claude Willey
    Jul 20, 2003
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      I lived in Chicago for 5 years and rode my bike everywhere, even when it was
      zero degrees and everyone else was on the CTA. I would say Chicago is a very
      bike-friendly city, but you do have dense traffic and (on-road) bike lanes
      that are not maintained or just ignored by motorists. Moving to California
      in 99 I found biking extremely easy in low-density Irvine, CA where few bike
      for 'transportation' purposes. I now live in Los Angeles, and I'm certain
      that most folks could never imagine this place being a bike-friendly city. I
      would say it is to an extent. I travel all over Los Angeles using a
      Cannondale touring bike (sometimes using my Bike Friday folding bike) and
      though it can sometimes take 2 hours to get to my destination, I feel I have
      quite an interesting lifestyle. I would get soaked all the time in Chicago
      and the many careless urban drivers almost did me in more times than I can
      mention. Los Angeles has great weather and you can use the MTA with your
      bike (they allow you to place your bike on the front rack of the busses).
      L.A.'s sister-city Pasadena is also a very bike-friendly city and there is
      almost no bike-theft. Everybody is driving.

      I know that Los Angeles has a problematic future due to its size and its
      resource limitations, but it is a city that is fast becoming
      bicycle-integrated (bit by bit). By no means is it a walking city (on the
      whole), but it is a city suitable for bicycle exploring, travelling and
      commuting. Most of the people who know I live in L.A. without a car think
      I'm totally nuts. But, I have no car payment, no gas expenses, no insurance
      costs, no auto-related expenses, and little stress derived from commuting.
      And, I have a knowledge of the city that few motorists can aquire.

      ---Claude W.
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