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60Re: [carfree_cities] Ranking US cities

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  • eyrehead
    Apr 10, 2000
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      > Last month in Phoenix there was a large referendum about raising a local
      > sales tax by 0.4% which passed with a 2-1 vote (the voter turn out some
      > thing like 24%). 2/3 of the budget will be spent on buses with the remaining
      > 1/3 for LRT. Please check out http://www.lightrail.com/news/news03-29.htm .

      I would have hoped more for light rail, but detaching people from their automobiles
      will not be done in one swoop. At least it's mass transit. If there is some
      permanence (that's why I prefer trolleys to buses) development along the

      > Also oddly enough Adtranz a maker of rail cars, locomotives and LRV's is a
      > subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler http://www.adtranz.com/adtranz/index_e.htm.
      > Like wise with Airbus http://www.dasa.com/dasa/index_e.htm.

      Maybe the auto companies see which way the wind is blowing. There are two
      advertising and design directions that suggest that the auto companies realize that
      the Great American Commute is getting to a be drag, not to mention dangerous.

      One, the increasing number of distracting doodads in the car, phone, computer,
      entertainment systems. Anything to keep some driver from realizing that sitting in
      traffic taking lungful after lungful of exhaust, is no way to spend life.

      Two, the design changes made for old people who drive. So if the dashboard numbers
      are bigger, so if mirrors are angled so you do not have to wrench your head around to
      glance back. Many young drivers have lousy vision, and sometimes stiff necks, but
      their licenses are not suspended for those reasons. These design changes "for the
      older driver" are part of denial that many otherwise capable people should not be

      When it is part of sensible, not to mention civilized, urban planning to have car free
      areas, a segment of the population will be able to relinquish their hold on driving
      privileges. They will probably be grateful.

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