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5940Re: don't compare first and third world

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  • Will
    Jun 10, 2003
      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "prometeus57"
      <prometeus57@y...> wrote:
      > > Your point is self-sufficiency, so I would tend to agree, though
      > > there are many primitive cultures that are completely sustainable
      > > and self-sufficient. And yes, their numbers are decreasing every
      > > year as we attempt to 'civilize' them.
      > You mean, as we DO civilize them.

      If getting them hooked on Coca Cola, McDonald's hamburgers,
      airconditioning, and automobiles (the point of this group) is
      considered civilization, then you are right. But that is hardly
      admirable or desirable.

      > The noble savage is a myth and a delusion.

      Um, how many have you known personally? Ok, I thought so.

      > North American autochtones
      > were brutish, nasty and completely uncivilized by any objective
      > standard.

      At least in the propaganda that you read.

      > The primitive cultures are characterized by misogyny, slavery,
      > brutality, misery, squalor, and superstitious fear.

      Sounds like you are describing the US since it's inception. THAT'S

      The Western
      > cultures are automatically superior to the savages' since it takes a
      > certain degree of sanity to concern oneself with the real world,
      > investigate it, and develop the extensive technologies to control it
      > as we have done.

      I see no discernable benefit from simply controlling 'the real world'.

      > Of course, it doesn't take that much sanity, as
      > should be obvious to any dispassionate observer of either the USA and
      > Japan.

      Dispassionate? You said you 'spit on the US".

      > So even though being industrialized doesn't guarantee sanity
      > (the Victorians certainly weren't), being primitive all but
      > guarantees insanity.

      You have tried to take a grain of sand and make a mountain. Sorry, I
      don't see anything but a grain of sand.

      > You may choose to order your life and beliefs according to the
      > anti-scientific precepts of cultural relativism, but most people do
      > not.

      I sincerely doubt that most people share the greater part of your
      belief system.

      > And shoving your provincial delusions in their face isn't going
      > to win you any friends or allies.

      I'm writing in a yahoo group that is dedicated to the carfree
      lifestyle; what are you doing here?

      > In fact, since people value social
      > justice far above ecological sustainability (because the former is an
      > immediate concern, while the latter isn't), your eco-freak stance
      > ("sustainability" is the only thing worth consideration) alone is
      > enough to put other people off.

      You've managed to contort a strawman; read my previous posts and you
      will see nothing of what you just stated.

      Occasionally a dittohead such as yourself wanders through here, and
      makes grand pronouncements and gets cheap thrills out of tilting at
      windmills. After a while, if they have any semblence of a life, they
      are off somewhere else making grand pronouncements and bashing anyone
      who holds an opinion other than there own.


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