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5935Re: don't compare first and third world

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  • Will
    Jun 10, 2003
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      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "prometeus57"
      <prometeus57@y...> wrote:

      > It's not necessary for you to accept that non-industrial
      > cultures are so much primitive savages that should be
      > exterminated in the swiftest manner possible,

      An odd thesis statement if I ever heard one...

      > that they
      > should and would be put out of their misery if only it
      > wouldn't inevitably lead to moral degredation in ourselves.
      > What is necessary is for you to accept the reality that
      > many people hold to this worldview to some degree.

      Perhaps many people that you associate with. I've never heard such rot.

      > I'm not talking about right-wing racists, but about left-
      > wingers who can't stand misoginy, slavery, brutality,
      > misery, squalor and superstitious fear. Not all left-
      > wingers accept cultural relativism.

      I'd like to see support for statements such as the above. "Many" could
      be 20 people in the world or 2000, hardly a significant number.

      > To people concerned with social justice, however few
      > and far between they are, your eco-freak stance of
      > "sustainability above all" will only earn you an
      > invitation to go fuck yourself.

      LOL! Who cares what a few extremists say?

      > And considering the fact that social justice is a far,
      > far more important motive to the vast majority of people
      > than long-term ecological sustainability,

      This flies in the face of what you wrote above.

      I think that
      > shoving your misplaced priorities in their face is
      > impolitic to say the least.

      Sorry, freedom of speech is important to all of us and if we stand on
      principles and step on a few feet, so be it.
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