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5843Lawsuit filed over freeway noise

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  • rickrise@earthlink.net
    May 9, 2003
      From: Richard

      A quote:

      Besides the loud noise generated by the freeway, construction on the project caused adjacent land to settle, cracking concrete foundations and stucco walls and scattering dust across surrounding homes, Milstein said.

      He said all thos

      Lawsuit filed over freeway noise

      Residents say sounds from 210 extension have made their homes unlivable. A meeting is planned Monday at Taylor Hall.

      David Hermann
      Rancho Cucamonga Voice

      May 9 2003

      Claiming that noise and other effects from the new 210 Freeway have damaged the property and property values of nearby residents and businesses, attorneys have filed a class-action lawsuit against the agencies they claim are responsible.

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