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5734Eating Oil: Food supply in a changing climate

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Apr 13, 2003
      I thought it might be worth revisiting - or visiting for the first time - the dimension of food growing, provision and retailing as this relates to our debate. See for instance:

      "The Food Miles Report: Dangers of long distance food transport" 1994 http://www.sustainweb.org/pub_foodtran.asp (see last reference on that page)

      "Growing Food in Cities" 1996 - SAFE & the National Food Alliance

      but especially these days:

      "Eating Oil: Food supply in a changing climate" 2001 report by Sustain and Elm Farm Research Centre (EFRC) ISBN 1 903060 18 4

      This report takes a comprehensive look at how far our food travels and our dependency on imports and on fossil fuels to produce, process, package and distribute food.

      See http://www.sustainweb.org/chain_fm_eat.asp

      The report's author, Andy Jones, says "The food system has become almost completely dependent on crude oil. This means that food supplies are vulnerable to increases in petroleum prices or any shortfall in oil supplies, as demonstrated during the fuel protests in the UK in 2000. Food distribution is also a major contributor to climate change and other forms of pollution. The environment and society cannot continue to bear the costs. We need to invest, now, in regional and local food systems combined with fair trade initiatives that will bring about a more secure, sustainable and fair food system."



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