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57RE: [carfree_cities] Ranking US cities

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  • Ronald Dawson
    Apr 9, 2000
      Marcus Wrote:
      >>Mr.Gaarder is also against some thing called "North Star" is this a Twin
      >>Cities commuter rail project?

      >Yep. The North Star is a commuter rail from St. Cloud (about 90 miles away)
      >to DT Mpls.

      That's a long trip for a commuter train, if it's St.Cloud then I guess part
      of the route will be shared with that of Amtrak's Empire Builder
      (Chicago-Seattle/Portland). Maybe this train should be partially
      tagged/connected to or on to Amtrak's Midwest Regional Rail Initiative, a up
      coming higher speed train service to Chicago (80-110mph).
      This URL is from WisDOT http://www.dot.state.wi.us/dtim/bop/planning.html
      and this one is from MN-DOT http://www.dot.state.mn.us/ofrw/rail.htm .

      >>On a historical note check out http://www.erha.org/plot2.htm and read the
      >>Twin Cities section.

      >I've been getting into local history lately on the area, and it's sad how
      >much was destroyed and changed, mostly because of cars. Especially
      >considering the fine streetcar system and how much rail infastructure they
      >had (and still have).

      Things can get pretty weird. Let's hope for the best that we have more
      options for traveling in the future.

      >>PRT is an interesting concept, but the big question is implementation.

      >That's going to be it's biggest problem until someone has the guts to try
      >it out (although Cincinati looks like a possiblity right now). It's a

      Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

      >>Trolleys and trolley buses are quite nice. Dawson

      >Are both these electric?

      Yes they are.

      >Another little debate in Mpls. is the Midtown
      >Greenway - a former train trench from the Mississippi river to the chain of

      Would this happen to be the former SOO or BN rail line right of way?

      >now being converted in a pedestrain/bikeway plus some sort of
      >transit. The city wants a busway. The Midtown Greenway colalition wants
      >LRT, and opposes buses because of the potiental polution buses would cause
      >in the trench. Trolley buses were metioned as a comprimise.

      Rail or Busway, that's a good question, but it also leads a lot of other
      questions. Capital costs, operating costs, type of equipment used,
      distances, air/water pollution and etc. It's a complex situation that seems
      to be best solved on a case by case nature.
      Mr.Crawford would have more info.
      Ron Dawson
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