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  • paulparma
    Mar 10, 2003
      > The only drawback to this kind of direct democracy, Hrynyshyn wryly
      points out, is that when we are all town planners, "we will have
      nobody to blame but ourselves when the buses don't run on time."

      I never got around to putting it in my application to the Community
      and Regional Planning program at UT, a lack of guts or discretion,
      I'm not sure, but I've come to believe that City Planning is not
      rocket science, Nikos A. Salingaros and Game Development not
      withstanding (modeling and simulation).

      Good find if the actual game an be found... and what do I need to do
      to get it transferable to my town USA or Europa... rhetorical question
      until we find the game.

      We did a presumably MUCH simpler, hardcopy version of this in the
      Austin Metro region using cards representing diffent densities, areas
      and use mixes, none unfortunately that were close to what we're
      looking for in this group... and the only 'players' that showed up
      were not very representative of the average Austinite. But a web
      based gam...., your in control and if it don't work its due to your
      decisions that you stood by so fervantly earlier.....

      Paul Parma
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