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5642Re: [carfree_cities] article on computer simulation

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Mar 10, 2003
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      Hi Chris,

      Thanks very much for the extremely thorough follow-up. It should be a
      fairly simple matter for me to get in touch with someone now.



      >I took a look at the site for the Institute described in this portion
      >of the article:
      >>> �Sustainability,� says Dave Biggs, �is what people choose when they
      >>> understand the consequences of their choices.�
      >>> Biggs, a systems manager at the University of British Columbia�s
      >>> Sustainable Development Research Institute, helps people of different
      >>> philosophical backgrounds forge a common future with an innovative
      >>> Web-based game called QUEST, which lets tens of thousands of users
      >>> model and reshape the future of the towns where they live. In the
      >>> process, writes James Hrynyshyn in New Scientist (July 27, 2002), they
      >>> may be changing the future of urban planning and democratic decision
      >>> making.
      >The address is:
      >There's quite a bit of info here about what they are doing, and links
      >to the Institute's numerous members, however I can't locate the Dave
      >Biggs mentioned in the article. Here is a press release from 1996 about
      >the game, when Dave Biggs was a grad student. The address:
      >The press release:
      >QUEST peers into Vancouver's future
      > What will Vancouver and the Fraser Valley be like in the year 2030?
      >The answer is in your hands when you play QUEST, a computer game aimed
      >at making complex urban planning issues accessible to the average
      >citizen. The game, developed by master's student David Biggs and
      >colleagues at the Sustainable Development Research Institute (SDRI),
      >gives players decision-making power over all areas of planning in the
      >Lower Mainland. Players watch the consequences of their ideas and
      >policies unfold over four decades from 1990 to 2030.
      >Contact: David Biggs, graduate student, Sustainable Development
      >Research Institute,
      >Some more recent (1999) news about Dave Biggs and QUEST:
      >This article contains a link to the company Biggs and a colleague
      >formed to develop and market QUEST:
      >This is recent, as witnessed by the following at the bottom of their
      >Copyright 2002 Envision Sustainability Tools
      > info@... | p: 604.225.2000 | f: 604.225.2001
      > Website Design by Communicopia.Net
      >This site seems to have what you're looking for.
      >Best of luck, and I hope this helps advance things!
      >Chris Miller
      >On Sunday, March 9, 2003, at 08:30 am, J.H. Crawford wrote:
      >> Hi All,
      >> This is fascinating. It's a project I've wanted to do for years,
      >> and here somebody has gone and done it!
      >> Alas, when I went to the web site, I couldn't find a working link
      >> to the game; I found the link, but it's not clickable. I've got my
      >> security setting very high. Has anyone been able to make this work?
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