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5639Re: malls vs public streets

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  • Rachel
    Mar 9, 2003
      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "paulparma" <info@v...> wrote:
      > --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, Christopher Miller
      > <christophermiller@m...> wrote:
      > > An eloquent reminder of the difference between malls and
      > > streets:
      > >
      > I second Chris' notions, especially after reading the news story
      > Chris' original message).
      > This is another bullet to put in lists of benifits and costs of
      > carfree vs. carcentric.

      But I live in southern Arizona and in the summer I often hang out at
      the mall since being outside in 100+ temps isn't too much fun. I
      frankly have not seen or experienced harrassment at the mall and I
      always carry a backpack, which is considered a security risk now a
      days. I think, as with all things, it depends on the mall/shopping
      center/place of business, etc.
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