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  • Mark Christiansen
    Mar 4, 2003
      And that's a bad thing in this discussion? :) From what I've observed, the US is the biggest contributor to the car problem and thus US comments are important in this discussion.

      Health care cost is a factor in the financial picture for US citizens. Of course, if I am healthier, then I can use my time off to vacation instead of mope around the house with the flu, so I may spend more money in the end. :)

      The cost picture is complicated. Any one of us could type pages of cost considerations for somebody trying to decide if it is financially a good idea to ride a bike more or to abandon the automobile entirely. Carefully chosen considerations will show that a car is really the best financial choice and other carefully chosen considerations will show that a car is not the best financial choice.


      Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.
      -- John Lennon

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      >In addition to that, there are potential health cost reductions from
      >being in better physical condition.

      see? US-centred, again:-)

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