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5614Re: [carfree_cities] Re: Re: Urban automobile cost per mile

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  • Wes Ballew
    Mar 4 7:48 AM
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      The discussion originated by saying that the cost of maintenance of a bicycle is comparable to the cost of maintence of a car. I'm assuming you are riding a high end bicycle, and have a car that breaks down relatively infrequently. An expensive bicycle with high end components is not necessary. For instance, I commuted more than 1000 miles over the course of several years on a three speed bicycle that cost $5. I spent roughly $40 in maintenance over those years on that bike. Although the buy-cycling community would like all cyclists to think they have to have high end equipment for a simple commute (or worse a ride on a circular path in an urban park) it isn't true.

      On the other hand, because I can't afford a newer car, I spent several thousand dollars on rapairs and maintenance of the car during that same time. Hardly comparable expenses.

      >>> jason@... 02/28/03 02:32PM >>>
      >In any case the calories per se cost virtually nothing: 100 gramms of
      >cheep oil or butter (=900 calories) may keep you biking for at least
      >1-2 hours (you can count better than me the traveled distance during
      >this time). What you pay for when you buy food, is more the taste and
      >the eating enjoyment than the calories that contains. The possibility
      >to extend this enjoyment may represent more a positive value than a
      >negative cost.

      sorry, I don't fancy eating cheap butter in large quantities. The simple
      fact is that if I cycle into London (11 miles) rather than get the train, I
      have to pay more for food. Whichever way you look at it, that's part of the
      cost that should be considered. I am talking about simple cash outlays that
      have to be budgeted for. I don't really see any way round it. You're
      talking about whether it is worth it, which is a completely different

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