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5611Re: Urban automobile cost per mile

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  • ktsourl <ktsourl@mailbox.gr>
    Mar 2, 2003
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      >sorry, I don't fancy eating cheap butter in large quantities.
      >The simple fact is that if I cycle into London (11 miles)
      >rather than get the train, I have to pay more for food.

      You don't have to, you just fancy

      >Whichever way you look at it, that's part of the cost that
      >should be considered. I am talking about simple cash outlays
      >that have to be budgeted for. I don't really see any way
      >round it. You're talking about whether it is worth it, which
      >is a completely different conversation.

      Most probably it is a completely different conversation. The meaning
      of the word "cost" has many complications as any economist (or even
      accountant) could assure. Anyway, you may perhaps fancy better your
      tasty extra food, being conscious that most people would be willing
      to pay for having the opportunity to enjoy (without any obesity or
      healthy risk) this extra food you enjoy thanks to biking.
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