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56Re: [carfree_cities] Re: Can economic equity be physically facilitated?

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Apr 9, 2000
      >>If you look at the way cities used to work, families occupied
      >>buildings that were both home and work. Generally, the lower
      >>floors were used for whatever the family business, and the
      >>family (with apprentices) lived in the upper floors. Commute
      >>time, approximately zero. The reference design permits this
      >>kind of use, which also help create lively neighborhoods.

      >Is this the way modern Europe works? And does this correlate to there lower
      >degree of economic equality?

      Oh, to a relatively minor degree, yes. But the western European
      economies really aren't that different from the USA. My part
      of Amsterdam still does have quite a few family-owned businesses,
      and I believe that some of the owners do still live in the
      upper floors, but the pattern is no longer nearly as common
      as it once was, I believe.

      As to the economic equity, while most of Europe is considerably
      better than the USA in this regard, it relates mostly to much
      higher levels of taxation on income (although capital gains and
      capital itself are taxed very little or not at all). Most of
      western Europe still has social welfare systems that work
      reasonably well--true poverty is rare in the Netherlands, for
      instance, and pretty much every legal resident of the country
      has some form of health insurance.


      J.H. Crawford _Carfree Cities_
      postmaster@... http://www.carfree.com
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