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5511Re: bike racks AND Hydrogen-fueled Cars

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  • paulparma <info@venetianpassage.com>
    Feb 5, 2003
      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "tomvolckhausen
      <tom.w.volckhausen@s...>" <tom.w.volckhausen@s...> wrote:

      Since Tom touched on both issues and most relavently to JH's response
      to both, I'll respond to both as well in one message.

      Regarding the bike rack thing, in my opinion for what its worth, both
      the bus systems Tom and JH have reported seem way more satisfactory
      than what myself and others have been reporting in this thread. I
      would feel more rosey about the 'white bike' system though if I hear
      that you have a right to leave it at a destination; specifically
      which, without or with a lock on it, until you head back to the
      transit station?

      Regarding the sobering summation that Mr. Crawford put forth regarding
      the need to be independent of the dependence of Oil, I must say, I've
      been in the other camp since before I joined this group; but a recent
      personnel history of discussions with several flavors of mainstreamers
      and a bit of reflection leaves me to concur with everything JH said on
      the matter. Again, for what my opinion matters.

      Though it tests my confidence as it might others in admitting it,
      people will drive in spite of increased cost or lower (in some
      respects literally lower than a high clearance SUV) power and smaller
      size cars. But if we take the tack of providing substantial carfree
      areas as an option, then it is not pressuring people to get out of
      their cars, which they will succesfully resist, it is however allowing
      them get out of their cars. It is also providing increased
      independence on unsustainable fuel sources and decreases in auto
      related pollution even further than fuel efficiency improvements on
      cars and hydrogen-fueled cars for the population that chooses the
      carfree mode.

      So carfree is still a high road compared regarding stewarding
      nonrenwable resources its just lower in that regard than some folks
      like myself had once thought. Life value improvements and
      environmental -- air, water and space effects -- are just higher in
      relationship to that positive aspect.

      But we need to get it done; build a substantial carfree area, not just
      talk about itÂ….. And there I go, just talking about it again.

      Build it and they will come....... Better yet, build it and they will
      see, and once built, they can't tear it down. Its right there, where
      the lies and misunderstandings will be harder and harder to keep

      Paul Parma
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