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5467Re: [carfree_cities] Re: Law Suit for Human Scale Access.

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  • Tom Tromey
    Jan 30, 2003
      >>>>> ">" == "look384 <kevin.barton@...>" <kevin.barton@...> writes:

      >> 2) The American with Disabilities Act was my second thought, and may
      >> have better chance for success. However, I suspect you'd have to
      >> find someone with a disability who has been harmed by zoning laws and
      >> city design. I suppose that would be possible among the elderly,
      >> blind, deaf, or anyone who has been denied a drivers license simply
      >> for health or handicap reasons.

      At least twice in the last few years some Boulderite has written
      anti-cycling letters to the local paper from this point of view. Her
      contention is that driving is simpler and more enabling for those who
      have physical difficulties. As I recall she also opined that biking
      would only ever be reasonable for young, healthy males.

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