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5465Re: Law Suit for Human Scale Access.

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  • Steve <esdol@sprint.ca>
    Jan 30, 2003
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      I'm a person with a disability, born with Cerebral Palsy and use a
      wheelchair or two (I have two, one manual and a motorrised chair).
      Your second possibility had my ears going straight up at attention,
      here's why.

      I often go for walks and roll with my wife and we were close few
      times of being hit by motorists who don't obey the pedestrian only
      light or signal that goes on before the green one for motorists on
      Sacré-Coeur Blvd which has four lanes to cross. If we were hit, we
      would have definitely take both the motorist and maybe the city of
      Gatineau (amalgamated Gatineau), Quebec, Canada - across from Ottawa,
      Ontario) for not doing enough to advertise to motorists not to turn
      on a pedestrian only light or signal.

      You don't need to be an "abled-person" instead of abled-bodied person
      to become more disabled.

      Steve Dolesch
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