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5453Law Suit for Human Scale Access.

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  • paulparma <info@venetianpassage.com>
    Jan 30, 2003
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      In my own city, Austin, by court ruling, transients can no longer be
      awakened from sleep in public space except to allow space for walkers,
      and other traffic. My unstudied understanding of this ruling is that
      it is based most on the idea that sleeping is a natural and
      expected part of human life, unlike phones, which is the basis for not
      being allowed to deduct ones phone bill from your tax base.

      So i was thinking I would look into filing a suit, with a like minded
      attorney which I already have acquantance of a few of in austin, that
      the City, State and Federal governments by their laws and ac tions
      have deprived me of my right to pursue my happiness by a msot natural
      and expected manner -- by walking.

      They have forced me to purchase a rather expensive car, and only at
      great personal effort and threat to my safety have I been able to
      change to the statistically rare mode of bicycling. This mode change
      limits my range , hence my ability to pursue my happiness, or better,
      to live my life. Walking limits my range so much I would have to live
      on top of the food didtribution points, which in the non-mixed use
      zoning, would have to be without a home. And although one is allowed
      to sleep anywhere by the resent court rulings, one is not allowed to
      camp in public spaces. This is considered to be a home. So to be a
      walker, I must by current law be either a street person, or be wealthy
      enough to afford New York or San Fransico.

      I have to hurry off, bt be=fore I bother an attorney with this and
      with the statement that, hey I can't afford this but I must do this if
      possible, please let me know if it worth our trouble.

      I am serious.

      Paul Parma
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