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54Re: [carfree_cities] Re: Can economic equity be physically facilitated?

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  • eyrehead
    Apr 9, 2000
      > >If you look at the way cities used to work, families occupied
      > >buildings that were both home and work. Generally, the lower
      > >floors were used for whatever the family business, and the
      > >family (with apprentices) lived in the upper floors. Commute
      > >time, approximately zero. The reference design permits this

      Yes! I think there is some impetus toward this kind of urban planning in the
      US. Unfortunately this approach is being taken only with new developments; it's
      too bad that people could not live in the rooms above the shop in old towns.
      There are buildings in which the upper floors are condemned but the ground floors
      are used as shops. What a waste.

      I flinch when I see subdivisions spring up in what was countryside but I would love
      to see urban developers at work. If only builders could or would exploit the city
      buildings as they do rural areas!

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