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  • Ronetele <ronetele13@yahoo.com>
    Jan 4, 2003
      Karen's letter published in today's issue of Carfree Times really
      resonated. I've been thinking along the same lines for, gosh, 30
      years. But as Karen notices, organizing to take over a town to create
      a car-free city has not been, so far, been effective. Efforts to
      create car-free towns haven't fared much better. Why?

      In the mid-70s, I was a minor player in an effort to create a car-
      free subdivision outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon. At that time, I'm
      afraid, we were too starry-eyed and cash-poor to get the idea to fly.
      I've since lost track of the other folks who were trying to put this
      together, but the progress of the effort hinged on one particular
      fellow who dedicated a lot time to co-ordinating and planning. This
      is one essential element, a core of committed people.

      Perhaps, Karen, a next step would be to create a discussion group
      where like-minded people can begin to work how to make your dream,
      our dream, a reality. I'd be happy to set this up. I think that we
      need a more specific discussion than the carfree_cities discussion.
      And, we need more specific goals than those of eco-cities or

      __________________Ron Wolf