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5281Re: "America's Epidemic of Youth Obesity"--NYT article

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  • paulparma <info@venetianpassage.com>
    Dec 11, 2002
      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "J.H. Crawford" <mailbox@c...>

      > I see a window of opportunity here. The next year or two are going
      > to be years of budget crises in the USA, especially at the state
      > level. ....................
      > Are we ready? Can we organize to take adantage of this opportunity?
      > Can we start a massive program of writing to legislators and news
      > media? Can anyone take responsibilty for coming up with the best
      > numbers we've got and working them into some generalized press
      > releases? Can others tailor these for local environments and get
      > them into the right hands? Lots of work, but some real chance of
      > a payback.

      Should we be targeting the transportation departments as well as ,
      maybe even preceding lobbying the legislators? These guys are are the
      ones under presure; there's all that federal money, waiting to be
      matched, because we are still driving and paying those federal gas tax
      dollars, so the federal pile keeps getting bigger, and unused. Won't
      the state folks know that as the DIRECT gas taxes go up, the gas usage
      goes down. Which I think, if this is in fact so, can be properly
      countered with, sure, now you'll have all the money you need to do
      what ever people want to pay for.... so trtansit, and most central,
      dense building and rebuilding, wil get a fare shake.

      To me this is the thing we have to discuss, besides the numbers, and
      were it comes from now stuff; that is we need to diccuss what we think
      the very astute sense of the xportation administrators to know that if
      they raise the gas taxes, revinue, especially in a recovered economy
      will be down from what it could be in the current methodology. I
      think that the game has in fact changed in that toll roads are now
      the previlent building mode.... discussion by more informed

      Paul Parma
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